Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology in St Helens and Whiston hospitals ​Click here to view
​Psychological and emotional reactions to traumatic eventsClick here to view
​Accessing psychological support for people with diabetes Click here to view
​Anxiety and Physical Health ConditionsClick here to view
Uncertainty and Physical Health Conditions

Click here to view

​Referring people with cancer for psychological supportClick here to view
​Clinical psychology for people with HIVClick here to view
​Knowsley Pain Management ProgrammeClick here to view
Seeing a Clinical Psychologist Following Hand InjuryClick here to view
​Psychological support for people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Click here to view
Psychological Support after Stroke
Click here to view
​Self care kit for patients with COVID-19
Click here to view
Emotional support following covid-19
Click here to view

Patients are eligible for free NHS treatment at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching hospitals NHS Trust if they are: Ordinarily resident in the UK or: Overseas visitors, but entitled to free NHS services under the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

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