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Our Services A - Z - Dermatology Outpatients

About the service

Dermatology is a medical speciality that deals with the diagnosis , treatment and management of a range of chronic and acute skin conditions. We provide highly specialised quality care and services to both adults and paediatrics across 4 sites (St Helens Hospital, Whiston Hospital, Halton Hospital and Newton Community Hospital).

Some of the treatments and services we provide include General Dermatology Clinics, 2 week rule Skin Cancer Clinics with adjacent “see and treat” same day surgery, minor surgery for routine and urgent conditions , Phototherapy ,Photodynamic therapy, biologic therapies, vulval speciality clinic, HIV speciality clinic, urticarial specialist clinic, hair loss speciality clinic, Botox clinic for hyperhidrosis, Patch Testing ( for contact allergy), systemic drug monitoring clinics and cryotherapy.


Page last updated on 25th May 2022

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