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How to get involved - Voluntary Services

"Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer"

The Trust has a large and vibrant team of volunteers who work at Whiston, St Helens and Newton Community hospitals, they support our staff, help our patients and provide an invaluable contribution the day to day running of the Trust


Why volunteer?

• To gain experience in healthcare 
• To help gain entry into university or college
• To take a first step towards preparation for employment or returning to work
• To keep busy and do something rewarding and useful when you finish working
• To meet new people and make new friends 
• To help with recovery after illness or bereavement
• To give something back 
• To learn new skills 
• To have lots of fun!

Volunteers work in many areas across the Trust here's just a few of them:

Main reception Volunteers welcome patients and visitors to the hospital, help them with directions and any further information they may need

Wards Volunteers provide a vital service supporting the staff on our wards. This may involve assisting with mealtimes, visiting patients and running errands for staff

Patient Surveys Volunteers help us gather information about patient and visitor experience

Emergency Department Meeting and greeting patients

Prevention of Delirium Volunteers are required to attend specific training for this role

Dining Companions

Pastoral & Spiritual Care The Trust has a number of volunteers who visit the wards and offer spiritual or pastoral support to patients. For more information regarding these Volunteers / Visitors, please contact Jamie Hartwell Head of Spiritual Care Tel: 0151 430 1657

If someone has a particular area in which they wish to volunteer then every consideration will be given to place the volunteer where they have requested.  

Regular updates are sent to volunteers advising them of forthcoming training/activities which they may wish to get involved in.

Who can apply to be a volunteer?

People aged 16 and over can apply to become a volunteer. There is no upper age limit. At the Trust we welcome people with disabilities and those from all cultures and backgrounds. All that we ask is that you are fit and well enough to undertake the volunteer role of your choice, you have a genuine interest in helping others, are reliable and have the commitment to volunteer

How much time do I need to commit?

If you are looking to volunteer then we ask you to commit yourself for a minimum of six months working towards a minimum of 50 hours. We provide the necessary training and support and view our young volunteers as the workforce of the future. Usual practice involves coming in to volunteer once a week for between 2-4 hours, on the same day and at the same time each week but again placements will be arranged to suit the individual's availability. The day and time is decided mutually and will be dependent on when the volunteer is free and where the vacancies are.

Volunteering for Students and other young people under 25 years old

Most young people apply to become a volunteer because they have an interest in following a career within healthcare. This may include considering going into medicine, nursing, physiotherapy or within one of the many non-clinical support roles such as secretarial or clerical. Whilst, it is not possible to volunteer in all of these areas, we will endeavour to place volunteers where they will be able to relate much of their volunteer experience to their chosen career.

The Trust accepts volunteers from the age of 16 however placements on wards are restricted to those aged 17 and over.

NB Many universities now require students to have gained experience by way of volunteering.  Testimonials may be provided on request to those who have completed the required attendance criteria, including a record of attendance and a description of the volunteer role that has been undertaken. This can then be used to support applications for higher education or job opportunities.

Volunteering for people aged 25 years and over

Volunteers in this age group may apply for any of the volunteer roles available, providing they are fit and well enough to undertake the role they have chosen. There is no upper age limit for volunteers, the criteria being that you are fit and well and able to perform the tasks asked of you.

How do I apply to become a volunteer?

Every 2 months the Trust holds a Recruitment session where potential volunteers are invited to attend and receive a number of brief presentations from key members of staff about the Trust.   We will explain our application process and only those who attend the session can apply.

If you would like to join us and book a place on the next available induction please click on the 'Try Volunteering' button to the left of this page or email: providing your name and contact details.

Other useful links

For more information about volunteering you may find the following websites helpful:  
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