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We will deliver care that is consistently high quality, well organised, meets best practice standards and provides the best possible experience of healthcare for our patients and their families.

  • Improve the management of hydration to improve recovery times and reduce AKI, delirium and falls 
  • Continue to ensure the timely and effective assessment and care of patients in the Emergency Department
  • Progress the agreed capital schemes to improve and expand clinical facilities
  • Improve the management, monitoring and tracking of patients on waiting lists to enable effective prioritisation.

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We will embed a culture of safety improvement that reduces harm, improves outcomes and enhances patient experience. We will learn from mistakes and near misses and use patient feedback to enhance delivery of care.

  • Use all available data sources to learn lessons to improve clinical care
  • Reduce avoidable harm by preventing patient falls
  • Launch a new safety campaign and standardised quality improvement methodology
  • Implement the recommendations of the national Ockenden Report into maternity services.

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As far as is practical and appropriate, we will reduce variations in care pathways to improve outcome, whilst recognising the specific individual needs of every patient.

  • Ensure patients have all the information they need at discharge to understand how their ongoing care will continue out of hospital
  • Transform the services provided at Urgent Treatment Centres (UTC) to develop optimal pathways for patients requiring urgent care
  • Review the Trust’s model of acute medical care to streamline patient pathways and reduce ward moves
  • Continue to develop alternatives to face to face outpatient appointments by increasing the use of technology, where this is suitable for patients.

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We will respect the privacy, dignity and individuality of every patient. We will be open and inclusive with patients and provide them with more information about their care. We will seek the views of patients, relatives and visitors, and use this feedback to help us improve services.

  • Improve information provided to patients about their care in hospital
  • Create a more accessible Trust website so that patients can find the information they need about services
  • Whilst COVID-19 visiting restrictions remain in place ensure that appropriate and timely information is provided to relatives.

Banner saying systems

We will improve Trust arrangements and processes, drawing upon best practice to deliver systems that are efficient, patient-centred reliable and fit for their purposes.

  • Continue to enhance the data provided on to the Trust’s electronic patient  record system so that more information is available to clinicians to make the best decisions for patients
  • Implement a new integrated bed management and discharge planning system
  • Continued delivery of the Digital Aspirant Programme goals and development of the shared care record across Cheshire and Merseyside.

Developing organisational culture and supporting our workforce

We will use an open management style that encourages staff to speak up, in an environment that values, recognises and nurtures talent through learning and development. We will maintain a committed workforce where our people feel valued and supported to care for our patients.

  • Support and promote the health and wellbeing of our staff
  • Improve the quality of appraisals to support staff to deliver high quality patient  care
  • Further develop systems to make mandatory training easier for staff to access and  complete
  • Continue to implement innovative approaches to recruitment and retention in order to provide high quality care and offer training and development opportunities to support staff to realise their potential
  • Encourage staff to share their views and experiences of working at the Trust so that we remain the employer of choice.

Operational performance

We will meet and sustain national and local performance standards

  • Resume and restore normal service delivery, as far as safely possible, following COVID-19
  • Deliver against the improvement targets to achieve national performance and access standards
  • Maximise the productivity and effectiveness of clinical services through the use of benchmarking and comparative data e.g. GiRFT and Model Hospital to ensure that all services meet best practice standards.

Financial performance, efficiency and productivity

We will achieve statutory and other financial duties set by regulators within a robust financial governance framework, delivering improved productivity and value for money

  • Ensure that the beneficial clinical and technological changes made during the pandemic are adopted into normal practice
  • Deliver the agreed financial plans for 2021/22
  • Work with health care organisations across Cheshire and Merseyside to explore opportunities to deliver services on a collaborative basis.

Strategic plans

We will work closely with regulators, commissioning, local authority and provider partners to develop proposals to improve the clinical and financial sustainability of services

  • Prepare for the structural changes to the NHS which will come into effect in 2022
  • Work with system partners to develop Integrated Care Partnerships (ICP) to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population
  • Work as part of the Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System (ICS) to develop effective provider collaboratives to improve services for local people.
Graphic showing the 5 areas of priority safety, care, pathways, communication and systems
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