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We will deliver care that is consistently high quality, well organised, meets best practice standards and provides the best possible experience of healthcare for our patients and their families.

  • Ensure patients in hospital remain hydrated to improve recovery times and reduce the risk of deterioration, kidney injury, delirium or falls
  • Continue to ensure the timely and effective assessment and care of patients in the Emergency Department
  • Progress the agreed capital schemes to increase capacity and improve clinical facilities for patients.

Banner saying safety

We will embed a culture of safety improvement that reduces harm, improves outcomes, and enhances patient experience.

We will learn from mistakes and near-misses and use patient feedback to enhance delivery of care.

  • Reduce avoidable harm by preventing falls
  • Improve the Trust wide safety culture by listening to staff, acting on feedback and recognising best practice
  • Implement the final recommendations of the Ockenden Report across Maternity Services.

Banner saying pathways

As far as is practical and appropriate, we will reduce variations in care pathways to improve outcomes, whilst recognising the specific individual needs of every patient.

  • Ensure patients who are fit to leave do so in a safe and timely manner, with all the information and equipment they need
  • Implement the new multidisciplinary Community Crisis Response Service for St Helens
  • Review and improve care pathways across surgery, medical specialties and paediatrics
  • Transform and modernise outpatient pathways to give patients more choice and improve service efficiency.

banner saying communication

We will respect the privacy, dignity and individuality of every patient. We will be open and inclusive with patients and provide them with more information about their care. We will seek the views of patients, relatives and visitors, and use this feedback to help us improve services.

  • Make it easier for relatives to contact the clinical team on each ward
  • Introduce a range of digital solutions to improve how patients communicate with the Trust
  • Reduce patient lost property by improving internal processes and communications systems.

Banner saying systems

We will improve Trust arrangements and processes, drawing upon best practice to deliver systems that are efficient, patient-centred, reliable and fit for their purposes.

  • Continue to enhance digital systems and reduce reliance on paper records
  • Implement an electronic bed management and discharge planning system across inpatient wards at Whiston Hospital.
  • Implement a new Electronic Patient Record solution for community services.

Developing organisational culture and supporting our workforce

We will use an open management style that encourages staff to speak up, in an environment that values, recognises and supports our workforce, and nurtures talent through learning and development.

  • Enhance health and wellbeing support services for staff
  • Improve the methods of delivery and ease of access to mandatory training to increase compliance
  • Retain our current workforce and attract new staff by continuing to develop a positive and supportive culture, maintaining the Trust’s position as one of the best places to work in the NHS.

Operational performance

We will meet and sustain national and local performance standards.

  • Deliver the elective activity targets to reduce waiting lists
  • Implement recovery plans to consistently achieve national performance and access standards
  • Maximise the productivity and effectiveness of clinical services using benchmarking and comparative data e.g. GiRFT to ensure that all services meet best practice standards.

Financial performance, efficiency and productivity

We will achieve statutory and other financial duties set by regulators within a robust financial governance framework, delivering improved productivity and value for money.

  • Work with healthcare organisations across Cheshire and Merseyside to explore opportunities for collaboration to
    increase efficiency
  • Deliver the agreed financial plans for 2022/23.

Strategic plans

We will work closely with NHS Improvement, and commissioning, local authority, and provider partners to develop proposals to improve the clinical and financial sustainability of services.

  • Continue to meet all regulatory and statutory responsibilities in the changing NHS environment
  • Work with place based partners to improve the health of the local population
  • Provide leadership and direction for the future of health and care services across Cheshire and Merseyside
Graphic showing the 5 areas of priority safety, care, pathways, communication and systems
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