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Our Services A - Z - Substance Misuse Specialist Team

About the service

The Substance Misuse team will assess those aged 18 and above whose attendance and/or admission is related or impacted by substance misuse. The Substance Misuse Team will provide specialised leadership, expert knowledge and nursing skills to assess, formulate, implement and evaluate treatment plans in conjunction with the individual. The team is able to respond to complex problems of individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol related health conditions.

The team will also discuss options regarding community support for when discharged. The main focus is on recovery planning in conjunction with a range of pharmacological and psychosocial structured treatment programmes.  

We encourage people to consider how substance misuse is affecting their life and this can be in relation to:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Physical health
  • Impact on finances/employment
  • Impact on relationships with others


Page last updated on 01st June 2022

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