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Our Services A - Z - Equipment Pool

About the service

The Equipment Pool is a facility that centralises medical equipment such as:



  • Infusion pumps
  • Syringe pumps
  • Enteral feed pumps
  • Nebulisers (compressors)
  • Chair air cushions
  • Dynamic pressure relieving air mattresses
  • Offloading boots (Prolevo)
  • Pressure reducing pads (Prolevo)
  • Parafricta bootees (friction fee bootees)
  • Squabs (bed extending foam insert)
  • Bed rail bumpers
  • Crash mats (for use with low rise beds)


  • Wound management bags
  • Barrier products e.g. Pro Derm Cream, Cavilon Advance
  • Dermal pads (various sizes) for pressure reduction
  • VAC dressings and canisters

To access 3M VAC therapy – contact the TVN/Equipment Pool on ext 2323/1928 or bleep 7198/7199

We do hold a small stock of dressings that are only available during Pool manned opening hours.  This allows for the immediate treatment to commence.


Page last updated on 08th April 2022

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