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Our Services A - Z - Ward 5D - Stroke Rehabilitation

About the service

If there is a need to stay in hospital to continue the acute phase and start rehabilitation, patients will transfer to 5D Acute Stroke Unit, which is a 25 bed Acute Stroke, Rehabilitation ward.

Ward 5D has 25 in-patient beds and also a specialist gym area for rehabilitation and group therapy. The main aim of ward 5D is to provide specialist rehabilitation for patients with a stroke, this is delivered by our multi-disciplinary team of Doctors, Nurses and therapists along with invaluable support of the National Stroke Association.

On admission to ward 5D patients are allocated a named Nurse who will lead a team of trained and untrained nurses to deliver your nursing care and coordinate your care with the multidisciplinary team throughout your rehabilitation.

Our stroke service is delivered by a team of experts, which we are very proud of. The care we deliver is based on the Royal College of Physicians National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke 2016 ( the NHS 5 year plan 2020 ( and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines 2019 (NICE)

There is also a requirement for all stroke units to take part in monitoring the care we deliver and benchmarking ourselves against other stroke units nationally. This is done by providing data to the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) who report performance; you can access our stroke unit performance at and selecting the St Helens & Knowsley Trust site.



Page last updated on 31st May 2022

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