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National Burn Awareness Day

The 13th October 2021 is National Burn Awareness Day.

Whiston Hospital is the proud home of the Mersey Regional Burn Unit, and we’re joining the British Burn Association and Children's Burns Trust in their work to raise and grow awareness of the ongoing problem of burns and scald injuries.

Burns and scalds most often occur in the home, with the majority preventable, and many can result in life long and life changing injuries. It’s not just physical scars people can be left with either, as psychological injury is also a major factor and can present life-long challenges for the individual and their families.

Prevention and good first aid are key to reducing the number of burns and scalds that occur in the UK every day, with children and the elderly most vulnerable, the majority of injuries occurring as a result of a preventable accident.

Its important that we continue to promote being Burn Aware and also raise awareness of what to do when a burn or scald occurs.

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