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Coronavirus Update for Maternity Services

We are making changes to keep mums, babies and families safe:

Pregnancy and Coronavirus



The COVID-19 vaccination has been proven safe and effective in protecting women and their baby during pregnancy and beyond.

It it advised that all preganant and breastfeeding women have the vaccination as soon as possible.

Click here for frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 Vaccination during pregnancy.

To book your COVID-19 vaccination, visit: or our Mass Vaccination Centre at St Helens Rugby Ground is open 7 days a week, 8am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-7pm, no appointment needed. Please check the Trust's social media for any possible closures of the centre.


Restrictions within our Maternity Unit is not a decision we take lightly, but we must put the safety of all of our mums, babies and our staff first.

Whiston Maternity Unit is within a busy acute hospital, treating some of the most vulnerable patients, and we must reduce the number of people in and around the hospital as much as possible.

These restrictions are reviewed regularly and any further changes will be communicated via this page and our social media channels:

  • Lateral flow COVID tests MUST be taken by all women and their nominated partner before attending for any scan, appointment or visiting
  • Appropriate PPE must be worn at ALL TIMES when in the hospital.

One nominated adult only may attend with mum for:

  • all scans and appointments
  • Induction - 9.00am to 9.00pm. They must remain on the ward at all times and if they need to leave the ward, they cannot return until the next day. No overnight stays are permitted
  • Throughout labour - They must stay within the delivery room at all times
  • The nominated adult may attend for 3 hours maximum between the hours of 1.00 pm to 8.00pm. Visits must be booked in advance by mum via the ward staff and they must remain on the ward at all times. If they need to leave the ward they cannot return until the next day. No overnight stays permitted. Please bring with you any refreshments you may require.

It MUST be the same nominated adult for all attendances. No other visitors will be permitted to attend the Maternity Unit. 

Children are not allowed to attend any appointments, scans or visiting. 

Maternity Triage

If you are worried about the health of you or your baby during pregnancy, you can still call our Maternity Triage team on 0151 290 4489 for advice and support.

If you think your baby's movements have reduced, then you must call the number above. You can also visit this website for more information: 


If you need admitting to our pre or post natal wards you will be swabbed to test for Covid-19, even if you do not currently have any symptoms. If you test positive for the virus,  you will be cared for in a seperate area to those without the virus and will continue to receive the highest standards of care. Social distancing will be maintained at all times throughout the unit.


Maternity care is essential, and has been developed over many years with improving success to reduce complications in mothers and babies. The risks of not attending care include harm to you, your baby or both of you, even in the context of coronavirus. It is important that you continue to attend your scheduled routine care when you are well.

If you have a routine scan or appointment due in the coming days we will contact you to discuss any changes. If we make any changes to your upcoming appointment we will telephone you, otherwise please attend as planned.

If you or someone who lives in your household has got symptoms of Covid-19, please contact us through maternity triage on Tel: 0151 290 4489 so that we can review your plan of care and take appropriate safety measures. 

We may offer you a phone or video consultation to replace your upcoming appointment, but we will discuss this with you first.

Covid-19 screening

We are now offering routine swabbing for Covid-19 to all admission. Click here for more information

Antenatal classes and tours

Until further notice, antenatal classes, tours and drop-in sessions are cancelleduntil further notice. 

Care at home after the birth

The community midwives will call you at home between 9.00am to 12.00pm the day after you are discharged from hospital to provide a telephone consultation.

This phone call will be from a withheld number and we ask you to ensure you have your phone close to you while waiting for your community midwives to contact you.

During this consultation, the midwife will discuss all the necessary postnatal information for you and your baby and make a plan of care with you. You will not receive a home visit the day following discharge, unless it is clinically indicated for you and/or your baby.

Prior to any visit planned between you and your community midwifery team, you will be contacted by telephone to ensure that you and household are not self-isolating.

If you or a member of your household have any symptoms of Covid-19 while still receiving postnatal care in the community it is important that you contact us.

Visits to your home will only be when it is essential and cannot be dealt with over the phone. You and your baby will receive a visit at home on day 5 where we will offer your baby the Newborn Blood Spot Screening and to weigh your baby. Your community midwife will perform some of this consultation over the phone outside your home to keep the contact inside your home to a minimum.

Please prepare for this visit by considering the following: Plan which room you will take the midwife into, in this room we ask that where possible that it is just you and your baby and ensure there is access to a sink where your midwife can wash her hands. Your midwife may then leave the home to complete the consultation over the phone.

If for whatever reason a midwife does not call by 1.00pm, please contact the community office on 0151 430 1492.

Smoking and Covid-19

Click here to read advice for parents around smoking and Covid-19

Family wellbeing

Click here to view a handy guide on - Building Bonds and Good Mental Health for you & your Baby during Covid-19

Click here to view our ICON poster 'Babies cry, you can cope' to help those who may need extra support whilst staying at home

Our services remains open in lockdown – you are not alone

You do not have to wait for an emergency situation to find help. If domestic abuse is happening to you, it's important to tell someone and remember you're not alone.

One in four women experience domestic abuse or domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Pregnancy is known to be a trigger for domestic abuse and abuse may get worse during pregnancy or after the baby is born. 

During the Covid-19 lockdown there is support and help available to you from your Midwife, Obstetrician, GP or Health Visitor.

Below are the links to further information and there is a 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline 0808 2000 247

Cover your tracks online

Email -

Useful website links and resources

Domestic abuse in pregnancy

Domestic Abuse Against Pregnant Women

The First Step Knowsley - phone 0151 548 3333

St Helens Domestic Abuse Support -  phone 01744 743 200

Black Mum Magic Project

You should call 999 if you're in immediate danger.

More Information

For more information and advice please visit the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) website.

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