Understanding blood sugar readings

Not everyone with diabetes needs to check their blood sugars.  If in doubt, ask your GP or Nurse.

If you check, you should have your personal targets.  The most
        common targets are:

         ​ Before Breakfast
       ​   Before Lunch
       ​   Before Tea
       ​   Before Bed

How often you check depends on what you’re doing and how
        stable your sugars run.  If you drive, you must follow DVLA
        guidance about testing (https://www.gov.uk > diabetes-driving)
        or https://www.diabetes.org.uk)

Blood sugar readings always vary.  No-one gets all their readings
        inside these targets!

If most of your readings are out of range, ask your GP or Practice
        Nurse for advice.

Click here to view Interpreting Blood Sugar Tests and Adjusting Insulin guide

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