Training & Exercising

​All of the Trust's Major Incident plans are exercised by at least a tabletop style exercise annually and a live exercise every 3 years (minimum) as per the regulations of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

The Trust has an extensive training programme for all staff and corporate partners which involves everyone from the Chief Executive to operational staff in every role (clinical and non clinical)

The Trust has run a series of full scale live Major Incident exercises (see below) that test different aspects a mass casualty event. 

​March 2010​​

​Exercise Dark Matter​

Full scale live mass casualty exercise involving live actors playing the casualties and worried families. This tested the new build (therefore empty) A&E, Command & Control, Communications, decontamination of self-presenters, communications and media handling, Family & Friends Reception, radiology, transfusion (bloods), multi-agency partnership working and security.

Nearly 500 people and 20+ organisations (including emergency services, local authorities, other NHS partners & voluntary agencies) took part.

​May 2012

​Exercise Neutrino

​A full scale live A&E exercise without live actors playing casualties to test the recording and tracking of patients and cooperative working with the police casualty bureau teams.

​July 2014

​Exercise Red Giant

​A full scale exercise without live actors playing casualties to test the flow of Major Incident casualties and bed management strategies throughout the whole Trust beyond the A&E.

​July 2015

​Exercise Hadron

​A full scale live Strategic & Tactical Command & Control involving the Executive, Control Room Support and Tactical Care Group and specialism Command Teams and new elements like Medical and Surgical Coordination and activation of the alternative Emergency Mortuary, Reunion Centre and partnership working.

​2 per annum

​Exercise Alert

​Communication exercises practising the tannoy alert and various call in systems.​

County, Regional and National Multi-Agency Exercises​

The Trust also tests the plans and takes part in the training as part of the involvement in partner agencies training and exercises including those conducted by neighbouring NHS Trusts and care networks, NHS England Area Team and the Merseyside Local Resilience Forum partner agencies.​

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