Patient Information Leaflets

Bladder Tumour ResectionClick here to view
CircumcisionClick here to view
Cystitis in WomenClick here to view
Cystoscopy + evacuation of blood clotsClick here to view
Cystoscopy + hydrostatic bladder distensionClick here to view
Dorsal Slit of the ForeskinClick here to view
Laparascopic Radical RemovalClick here to view
​Laparascopic Simple Removal​Click here to view
Management of a catheterClick here to view
Trial without catheter TWOCClick here to view
Catheter Valves Click here to view
Rigid cystocopyClick here to view
TURP for benign diseaseClick here to view


Patients are eligible for free NHS treatment at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching hospitals NHS Trust if they are: Ordinarily resident in the UK or: Overseas visitors, but entitled to free NHS services under the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

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