Upheld Complaints

The Francis Inquiry recommended that NHS Trusts should publish information about complaints that are upheld on their websites.   We are committed to sharing information to improve learning and will publish upheld complaints every quarter on our website.

The Trust receives approximately 270 complaints annually from patients, relatives and carers and these complaints are investigated thoroughly.  Following investigations, complaints are not upheld, partially upheld or upheld.

Regardless of the outcome of the complaints, when things go wrong the Trust acknowledges that something could have gone better, provides an apology and an explanation of what will be done to prevent it happening again.

Actions from Complaints Q3 2019 - 20

Summary of ComplaintsActions

The patient complained about waiting times on attending the Emergency Department



An apology was provided to the patient.


The patient was assured that the Trust is in the process of recruiting more staff in order to reduce the waiting times. 

Patient complained about lack of access to local dialysis facilities which resulted in delay in transfer to another trust to receive treatmentAn apology was provided to the patient.  A pathway has been implemented in conjunction with North West Ambulance Service to ensure that dialysis patients are admitted to the local dialysis provider.
Patient complained about a member of staff's attitude on the ward

An apology was provided to the patient.


The staff member was asked to reflect and has undertaken training to improve their customer care skills.

The complaint involved a parent dissatisfied with the care and treatment their child received on attending the hospital and delay in referral from the Emergency Department to Paediatrics

An apology was provided to the patient.

The Emergency and Paediatrics departments have reviewed the referral pathways and a more robust referral process between the two departments is now in place

Complaint involved a do not attempt cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (DNACPR) decision which was not discussed with the family

An apology was provided to the family.

The complaint has been discussed at governance meetings to share the learning and training is being arranged Trust-wide on DNACPR.

Patient complaint relates to the waiting time experienced when attending the hospital for treatment after being referred by her GP

An apology was provided to the complainant.

New policy of patient referral implemented to ensure that such waiting times are reduced

Family complained that their elderly parent was discharged to an empty house leaving her potentially at riskAn apology was provided and all staff were reminded at ward meetings to ensure compliance with the discharge policy
Patient was dissatisfied that he had to wait so long for a procedure which he was assured was urgentAn apology was provided to the patient.  Processes and systems have been changed and the booking clerk will cross check to ensure that an appointment has been made when a procedure is marked as urgent.

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