Upheld Complaints

The Francis Inquiry recommended that NHS Trusts should publish information about complaints that are upheld on their websites.   We are committed to sharing information to improve learning and will publish upheld complaints every quarter on our website.

The Trust receives approximately 270 complaints annually from patients, relatives and carers and these complaints are investigated thoroughly.  Following investigations, complaints are not upheld, partially upheld or upheld.

Regardless of the outcome of the complaints, when things go wrong the Trust acknowledges that something could have gone better, provides an apology and an explanation of what will be done to prevent it happening again.

Actions from Complaints Q4 2019 - 20

Summary of ComplaintsActions
The patient complained that there was a delay in triage and ECG investigation on arrival at the Emergency Department (ED).

An apology was provided to the patient for the delay in triage.


More nursing staff have been recruited in ED as part of a quality initiative and there will be more nurses available to triage patients on their arrival.


The ED have now implemented a new system for requesting ECGs whereby the ECG technicians are only bleeped for urgent ECG requests, and less urgent requests are made electronically. This change will ensure that more urgent ECGs are prioritised.

The patient complained that the management of her catheter and cannula site was below acceptable standard.An apology was provided to the patient and action has been taken to ensure that adequate numbers of staff on the ward have the necessary training, specifically in intermittent catheterisation. Clinical practice in cannula care is audited regularly to ensure quality patient care. 
The patient complained about her admission to the ward. Her room was cold and she was given a bell for assistance that staff did not hear when it rang.  The patient also complained that she asked for a commode and was informed that the commodes on the ward were in use at the time.Sincere apologies provided to the patient.  A different call bell has been purchased to use in the room. An extra commode has been ordered for the ward.  The temperature in the room has also been adjusted to ensure the room is no longer cold.
The complainant states that the patient was misdiagnosed on two occasions and sent home from the hospital having to return due to an escalation in his symptoms.  On his third attendance his condition was investigated and he was about to be discharged again when another member of staff made a different diagnosis and he was admitted for treatment.An apology was provided.  The patient underwent a different diagnostic test on his third attendance and this was when it was discovered that the reporting of the CT scan was incorrect. The reporting of the CT scan was discussed at discrepancy meeting and shared with the radiology consultants to facilitate collective learning from radiology discrepancies and errors to improve patient safety
Complainant raised a number of issues relating to her mother's admission to the ward, including administration of medication.An apology was provided that at times the correct procedure for administrating medication was not followed.  The correct procedure for administration of medication has been reiterated to the staff. 


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