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In this section we will publish the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions and queries that we receive.

I am currently employed by an existing Lead Employer Trust. Who will my employer be from 1 November 2010? 
You will remain employed by your current Trust until 31st October 2010. On 1st November 2010 St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust will become your employer. 

I currently receive childcare vouchers - will this continue when my employment transfers?   
Yes it will.  We will need you to complete an application form which is available on our Useful Forms page. 

Will I have to re-do all the pre-employment checks that I had to do with the current employer? 
No.  The data held with regard to your employment checks will transfer with your records so you will not be required to have further CRB checks or Occupational health checks.

Will there be any changes to the way I am paid? What should I do if I do not get paid the amount I was expecting? 
All of your payroll details will transfer to us on 1st November and there should be nothing you need to do unless you change your bank details or we are notified by the HMRC of a change to your tax coding, but the transfer will not affect this.

Will I need to inform my new employer of my work pattern e.g. the days I work or the percentage of on-calls that I do? 
We will get all of this information from the current employing Trusts and so there should not be anything for you to do.

I am still not sure of my rotations, who should I speak to?
We will be sending all trainees details of the rotation/ next placement 8 weeks beofre you are due to start there.  This is dependant upon the Deanery sending us this information. If you have any queries regarding your rotations, please contact us.

I am moving to the area and want to claim removal expenses.  What do I need to do? A copy of the current Removal expenses policy will soon be available on the policies and procedures page of this section, or you can contact the Lead Employer team for information. You will need to complete the application form and submit with the information required as soon as possible.  We cannot accept any retrospective claims.

I have a new visa, do you need to see it?  
Yes we do.  If you have received a new visa you must ensure that you come in to the Lead Employer Service at Whiston Hospital where we can inspect the visa, take a copy and certify that we have seen the original.  If you cannot get in to see us in person you must contact us urgently so that we can make alternative arrangements with you.  Please  DO NOT put passports or visa's in the post to us.

I am not happy about the banding supplement I have received.  What can I do? In the first instance you must speak to the medical staffing department or supervising consultant at your Host Organisation.  They have determined the banding supplement you are to be paid.

I did a locum on the day before my employment changed over to St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals, where should I send my claim form? 
Send it to our Pay and Staff Services Team. We will process any claims that are paid from the November payroll. You will need to make sure we receive these by 4th November to guarantee payment in November.

Where should I send my travel expenses forms after the change over? Is there a deadline for travel claims? 
he deadline for payment of all claims is the 4th of the month to guarantee payment.

I am on maternity leave during the change over, do I need to inform St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals of my return to work date?
Your file will transfer so if you let your current lead employer know your return date then we will receive this information from them.

I pay into the NHS Pension Scheme - do I need to do anything or will I continue to pay in the same way after the changeover? I have bought extra pension years, will the payments continue to be taken out as before? 
Payments will continue as normal as your records will all transfer and we will get and maintain the information from your current employing trust.

Which form should I use for my annual leave? Who should I send it to? 
Each Host Organisation has their own form. We will make these available on our internet pages where possible. Leave is organised by the Host Organisation where you are working.

What form should I use for my study leave? Who should I send it to? 
Study leave application forms are available on the Mersey Deanery website. Guidance on submission of forms and expense claims can also be found on the Mersey Deanery website.

Does the Trust operate a Cycle to Work Scheme?                                                                                                                                                       The Trust does operate a Cycle to Work Scheme which operates once a year and requires prior approval by the Trust Executive Board. If approved the scheme opens for approximately 3 months (February - April) and deductions would be taken from May onwards for a 6 month period.