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Removal Expenses and Excess Travel - 18.02.11


The Lead Employer is currently undertaking a full audit of excess travel claims, which has resulted in delays in payments to trainees. Whilst we apologise for this, some delays have been unavoidable as we have not been provided with full details of doctors who have had previous applications approved or the amounts claimed.  This has a significant impact on the service and the team are currently investigating each claim received. I do hope that you will appreciate our need to ensure that claims are detailed and accurate before we reimburse.


We have received a number of claims where journey details are not idenitifable, for example, where it is unclear if it is excess travel or business mileage that is being claimed; that the mileages claimed are not approved; or where the claim form has not been signed by an authorised approver. We will be writing to trainees as appropriate over the next couple of weeks where there are reasons we cannot reimburse your claim.


We will shortly publish details of the process to be followed for future claims.


To help us process your claim in an efficient way, could you please:


For Removal Expenses applications:


·         Ensure that you provide 3 quotes for each item you are claiming for.

·         Ensure that the original receipts or original receipted invoices are sent to us once you have received the service.

·         If you are not sure, please seek clarification from one of the lead employer team before submitting your application.

·         You must ensure that you live more than 30 miles from your placement hospital before submitting an application.  Mileage is calculated using and no other source.


For Excess Travel claims


  • Please ensure that claim forms are fully completed and clearly state excess travel and give actual details of the journey, putting “home to work to home” is not sufficient.
  • Note that we cannot reimburse parking fees in respect of excess travel (normal home to work journeys) or tunnel fees for those doctors approved to claim after 1 August 2009.
  • The mileage we are able to approve is as calculated using and no other source.
  • Excess miles claimable are the difference between your home to approved base mileage and home to placement mileage – we cannot approve claims above this calculated amount.
  • Please submit separate claim forms for excess travel and business mileage.  This will enable us to identify what you are claiming.
  • Please ensure all claim forms are signed by an authorised signatory at your Host Organisation.