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Whiston Hospital


The hospital is being redeveloped in two distinct phases. A new block is being constructed in the northwest corner of the site, in an area that has been previously cleared. Buildings that were demolished included the old Work House, Chapel and associated support services accommodation. The existing Accident & Emergency block will be refurbished as a second phase to provide alternative accommodation.

Old site

Chapel & Work House before demolition.

The new building will be six storeys high, with ground floor access at Accident and Emergency and Main entrance levels, utilising the slope of the existing hospital site. The new facilities occupy an area of around 75,000 square metres, equivalent to 15 football pitches.

Accommodation provided in the new building includes: 
Accident and Emergency;
Intensive / Critical Care Unit;
General and specialist out-patient clinics;
Diagnostic services including Radiology and Cardiology services;
In-patient wards;
Operating Theatres;
Maternity and Gynaecological services;
Special Care baby Unit;
Burns and Plastics facility;
Paediatric in-patient services;
Crèche facilities;
New restaurant and retail facilities.

The second phase of the development will provide:

Pathology Laboratories;
New mortuary;
Education and Training Centre;
Office accommodation.
 A new main entrance is created off Warrington Road, with a bridge link to the new multi-storey car park located off Delph Lane. Drop off facilities are provided for ambulances and taxis. 

Aerial shots of the redevelopment

 Sept 2006

 May 2007

 April 2007

 August 2007

 August 2008

 Jan 2009

 Some external shots showing the progress of the redevelopment – March 2008


July 2008 -shows the final crane coming down
 July 2008

A CHANGE to the skyline above Whiston Hospital shows that the multi-million pound rebuilding programme is moving a major step forward.
The last of the tower cranes, which have been used to put the structure of the new hospital in place, has now been taken down.
Since building work started in July 2006, there have been up to eight cranes towering above the site at any one time.
It means that work will now be focussed inside the building, with the interiors fitted out and the wards, clinics and other departments taking shape. 

November 2008, when the new footbridge was installed across Warrington Road

VISITORS to Whiston Hospital will notice a new development at the site as the multi-million pound rebuilding programme moves another step forward.
A new pedestrian footbridge has been installed across Warrington Road, linking the entrance of the new hospital with the multi-storey car park.
The bright and modern walkway will help patients and visitors move safely between the car park and the fantastic new hospital when it opens in 2010. 

Below are pictures from December 2008, showing that building work on the ground floor has been completed and work is now focussed on fitting out wards and departments. 

New main entrance viewed from Warrington Road
Dedicated entrances are also provided to the new Accident and Emergency department and also to the paediatric area.

Whiston Entrance

Dedicated entrances are also provided to the new Accident and Emergency department and also to the paediatric area.


Construction of the new building commenced on the 3rd July 2006 with completion in May 2010. The facilities will be occupied and opened to patients in August 2010.

The second phase of the development will commence in August 2010 and will be completed in September 2011.Following occupation of the new facilities, demolition of the vacated buildings will commence, allowing for provision of new car parking and landscaping to the site. Car parking provision on the hospital site will increase from the current figure of 1277 spaces to around 1600 spaces, with dedicated areas provided for staff, visitors, disabled and drop off zones.

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