St Helens and Knowsley Teaching HospitalsNHS Trust


FOI Requests 2012

December 2012

21st December-206211212-ICT Budgets

21st December-205211212-Cancer Drugs

20th December-204201212-IM&T Development Strategy

20th December-203201212-Procedures Performed

11th December-202111212-IT Networks

7th December-201071212-Directory Service

7th December-200071212-Hospital Parking

5th December- 199051212-Trust contractors & suppliers

4th December- 198041212-Contrast induced acute kidney injury

4th December-197041212-Liverpool Care Pathway

4th December-196041212-Ophthalomology Services

5th December-195051212-A&E Units

4th December-194041212-Billls from the PFY contractors


November 2012

30th November- 19330112012- MRSA

29th November-19229112012-Shift Information

27th November-19127112012-Contact Details

27th November-19027112012-Patient Details

27th November-18927112012- Polling ranges and slot availbility

27th November-18827112012-Choose and Book

27th November-18727112012-Printing labels (Request withdrew )

27th November-18627112012-Deceased next of kin

27th November-18527112012-Drug Treatments

27th November-18427112012-A&E Discharge information

21st November-18321112012-Drug Treatments

20th November-18220112012-Bariatric operations

20th November-18120112012-Pest control

19th November-18019112012-Theatre Managers contacts

16th November-179161112-Agency Doctors

14th November-178141112-Alcohol related conditions

14th November-177141112-Healthcare funding 

14th November-176141112-MRSA 

14th November-175141112-Maternity Units 

14th November-174141112-Orphan drugs 

13th November-173131112-Shift pay 

13th November-172131112-Occupational health/sick pay 

12th November-171121112-Foundation year doctors 

12th November-170121112-Private finance initiative 

12th November-169121112-Pest control 

12th November-168121112-Public sector workforce 

9th November-167091112-Hospital Equipment 

7th November-166071112-Lost Working Days/ Salary Sacrifice Scheme 

7th November-165071112-Ward Closures 

7th November-164071112-Patient Care 

7th November-163071112-Communications fixed and mobile 

6th November-162061112-Trust Appointments Remeinder Services 

1st November- 161011112-Bed Occupancy ( Request withdrew )

1st November- 160011112- Guidelines Information

October 2012

29th October-159291012-Maternity Care

29th October- 158291012-Individuals paid through companies

24th October-157241012-EBITDA 

22nd October-156221012-CSSD Facilities Research 

19th October-155191012-Continence services 

19th October-154191012-Response services 

19th October-153191012-Board of Directors minutes 

19th October-152191012-Parking charges / trampoline injuries 

18th October-151181012-Ward list 

18th October-150181012-Vending machines 

16th October-149161012-Service users 

16th October-148161012-Patients treated with Biologics 

15th October-147151012-Speech and language therapist

15th October-146151012-Pornographic material

15th October-145151012-Female genital mutilation

12th October-144121012-Still birth strategy

12th October-143121012-Maternity unit

12th October-142121012-Elective operations

11th October-141111012-Trust agreements

9th October-140091012-Disabled Parking Spaces

9th October-139091012- Agency nurses 

5th October-138051012- Deaths 

4th October-137041012-Trust vacancies 

3rd October -136031012-Trust roles & recruitment 

3rd October-135031012-Agency spend April-June 2012 

1st October-134011012-Disposal of IT equipment 

1st October-133011012-Organisational structure 

1st October-132011012-Trust staff list 

1st October-131011012-Osteonyelitis & revision  ( Request withdrew )

September 2012

27th September-130270912-Tender Notice 

26th September-129260912-Zero hour contracts

24th September-128240912-Telecare

24th September-127240912-Ward Sisters

24th September-126240912-Car parks

24th September-125240912-Hepatitis C

21st September-124210912-Wound care foundry

21st September-123210912-Acute Trauma Patients

21st September- 122210912-Occupational Health Department (Request withdrew )

19th September-121190912-Directorate Structure

17th September- 120170912- Unpaid bills

17th September-119170912-Urine samples

11th September- 118110912-Energy Performance/ usage

11th September-117110912-contraceptive Implants/ Injections

11th Setember-116110912- Treatment of HIV

11th September-115110912-Rascial Discrimination

10th September-114100912-Loneworkers framework

10th September- 113100912-Ethnic make up of staff

6th September- 112060912-

3rd September-111030912- ICT Budget

3rd September-110030912- Disiplinary proceedings

August 2012

31st August- 109310812- Thrombosis Questionnare

31st August-108310812- Recruitment

31st August- 107310812 Payments for caring

29th August-106290812- Sterlisation pouches supplies

29th August-105290812-Tomography &Magnetic Resonance Imaging

24th August- 104240812-A & E Services

24th August-103240812-Ophtalmology

23rd August- 102230812-Pathology Services

20th August-101200812-Multiple Sclerosis

15th August-100150812-Print Contract

14th August-099140812-Car park charges

13th August-098130812-Retired doctors

13th August- 097130812-Patient Experience

10th August-096100812-VOIP & PBX maintenance cont

10th August-095100812-Intra ocular lenses

10th August-094100812-External providers

8th August-093080812-Standard financial reporting

8th August-092080812-Tissue viability

7th August-091070812-Unpaid bills

6th August-090060812-Expired software systems cont

2nd August- 089020812-Medical locum expenditure

1st August- 088010812-Agency nurses pay

July 2012

31st July-087310712-VOIP & PBX maintenance

31st July-086310712-ICT information

30th july-085300712-Clinical roles in the Trust

30th July-084300712-Hiring agency / bank staff

27th July-083270712-Expired software systems

24th July-082240712-Data Reporting (Request withdrew )

23rd July-081230712-Prescribing Formulary / business plan

23rd July-080230712-Trust Staff

23rd July-079230712-Health Records Service

23rd July-078230712-Power failure

20th July-077200712-Food bought for the Trust

20th July-076200712-emergency department / cancer services

20th July-075200712-Innovation, health & wealth ( Request withdrew )

19th July-074190712-Funding given to the trade unions

17th July-073170712-Corporate Structure chart

16th July-072160712-Diseases

13th July-071130712-Price & supply of products

9th July-070090712-Haemostatic Dissection

6th July-069060712-Chiropody/ Podiatry

4th July-068040712-Patient waiting times

4th July-067040712-Hospital ward closures

June 2012

29th june-066290612-Pain clinics ( request withdrew )

29th June-065290612-Clostridium difficile infection targets

28th June-064290612-Contractor Services

26th June-063260612-Waste Management

26th June-062260612-Trust appointment systems

25th June-061250612-Waiting time on the labour ward

25th June-060250612-Miscarraige code of care

25th June-059250612-Maternity Training

25th June-058250612-Maternity Units

21st June-057210612-Agenda for change

20th June-056200612- Hiring agency / bank staff  (Request withdrew )

20th June-055200612-Cancer Services 

18th June-054180612-Hotel rooms 

18th June-053180612-Delayed transfer of care 

12th June-052120612-Coroner Service Provision 

11th June- 051110612-Redundancy Payments

11th June-050110612- Pressure Ulcers

7th June-049070612-Locum Spend 2012

6th June-048060612-Patient treated with Biologics


May 2012

31st May-047310512-Trust Information

31st May-046310512-Accident and Emergency

30th May-045300512-Temporary Staff ( Request withdrew )

22nd May-042230512-Invoicing & pursuing debts 

21st May-041210512-Delayed discharge 

21st May-040210512-Disiplinary Procedures 

21st May-039210512-Charitable Donations 

21st May-038210512-Risk Register 

17th May-037170512-Glide Sheet 

15th May-036150512-Revenue Expenditure 

15th May-035150512-Deaths 

14th May-034140512-Agency Locum Doctors 

14th May-033140512-No known next of kin 

11th May-032110512-Trust Employees 

11th May-031110512-Trust Wards 

11th May-030110512-Subject Access Request 

8th May-029080512-Voluntary early retirement funding 

8th May-028080512-Post op instructions 

8th May-027080512-Epilepsy 

1st May-026010512-Inguinal hernia repairs / surgical procedure 

1st May-025010512-List of facilities and respective 

April 2012

30th April-024300412-Promoting of personal injury legal services in NHS premises 

30th April-023300412-Children with Anorexia 

27th April 022270412-Private Sector Health Treatment 

27th April-021270412-Private Health Care 

27th April-020270412-Operational / facilities Management 

26th April-019260412-Children with Anorexia  ( Applicant withdrew request )

24th April-018240412-Waste Management 

22nd April-0172240412-Building works and refurbisment 

23rd April-016230412-EPR/HER/EMR Systems 

20th April-015200412-Interpretering Services 

19th April-014190412-Clinical Homecare Contracts 

18th April-013180412-Operations

17th April-012170412-Breast Implants

17th April-011170412-Clinical paper forms

17th April-010170412-Healthcare Infromation Strategy

11th April-009110412-Theatre Equipment

11th April-008110412-Patients Treatment

11th April-007110412-Formal complaints

11th April-006110412-External Complaints

10th April-005100412-Major Incident Plan

10th April-004100412-Pharmacy Budgets

5th April-003050412-Patient Details ( Request withdrew )

5th April-002050412-Cancer Drugs

5th April-001050412-Language Service

March 2012

30th March-301300312-SIRO

29th March-300290312-Clinical Systems Messaging Interfaces

28th March-299280312-Staff Fitness

28th March-298280312-LAN Maintenance

28th March-ref-297280312-NHS Drug Bill

28th March-ref-296280312-Stored Data

27th march-ref-295270312-Private Medical Treatment

27th March-ref-294270312-Accomodation for Patients

26th March-ref-293260312-Overseas visitors

22nd March-ref-292220312-Over 55 at the Trust

21st March-ref-291210312-Procedures overseas

21st march-ref-290210312-Contraceptiion implantsand injections

20th March-ref-289200312-IT support Services

19th March-ref-288190312-Pharmacist Training Admission Statistics

16th March-ref-287160312-Female Laparoscopic Sterilisation

15th March-ref-286150312-Locum Doctors in Mental Health

14th March-ref-285140312-Infection Prevention

14th March-ref-284140312-European Economics

13th March-ref-283130312-Rheumatoid Arthritis

13th March-ref-282130312-Mobile Phone Contract Update

7th March-ref-281070312-Maternity Incidents

7th March-ref-280070312-Bed Shortages

5th March-ref-279050312-Recruitment Agency Spend

2nd March-ref-278020312-Dorsal Rhizotomy

1st March-ref-277010312-Outpatient Letters

1st March-ref-276010312-Prosthesis Implants

February 2012

29th February-ref-275290212-Speech & Language waiting times

24th February-ref-274240212-PFI Debts

23rd February-ref-273230212-Rebate/Patient Access Schemes

22nd February-ref-272220212-Departmental spend

22nd February-ref-271220212-Trust Strategys

22nd February-ref-270220212-Patient Discharge

22nd February-ref-269220212-Marketing Activities

22nd February-ref-268220212-Foreign Nationals

20th February-ref-267200212-Vascular Surgery

20th February-ref-266200212-Compromise Agreements

20th February-ref-265200212- Trust Systems 

17th February-ref-264170212-Hip Replacement

17th February-ref-263170212-Deceased

16th February-ref-262160212-Necrotising Fasciitis

15th February-ref-261150212- Specialist Pest Control 

14th February-ref-260140212- Parking and Security 

13th February-ref-259130212- Claims Management Companies 

13th February-ref-258130212- QIPP Plans 

7th February-ref-257070212- Clinical Physiologist 

2nd February-ref-256020212-Chiari Malformation 

2nd February-ref-255020212- Trust Shift Times 


January 2012

30th January-ref-254300112- Hyperemesis Gravidarun 

30th January-ref-253300112- Self Injury 

26th January-ref-252260112-Datawarehouse

26th January-ref-251260112-Maternity Spending

26th January-ref-250260112-A&E Department with Services

25th January-ref-249250112-Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block

25th January-ref-248250112-MEE Healthcare

25th January-ref-247250112-Data Quality Job Description

24th January-ref-246240112-Radiography Spending

24th January-ref-245240112-Joint Ventures

23rd January-ref-244230112- Trust Contractors 

23rd January-ref-243230112-Patient Association Questionnaire  ( Request withdrew )

23rd January-ref-242230112-On Call Rates 

23rd January-ref-241230112-Bariatric Beds 

23rd January-ref-240230112- Maternity Complaints 

23rd January-ref-239230112- Losses and Special Payments 

20th January-ref-238200112- Doctors employed at the Trust 

19th January-ref-237190112-Online Directory Service

19th January-ref-236190112-ICT Contracts

19th January-ref-235190112-Agency/ Locum Spend

18th January-ref-234180112-Retention/disposal of human waste

17th January-ref-233170212-Lone Worker Devices

17th January-ref-232170112-Dignity & Nutrition Inspections

16th January-ref-231160112- Handling Enquiries

16th January-ref-230160112- Antibiotic Pharmacist

13th January-ref-229130112- Maternal Deaths

13th January-ref-228130112- Attendances at the A&E Department

12th January-ref-227120112- Industrial Action

12th January -ref-226120112- Overseas blood samples

11th January-ref-225110112- Hepatitis C

11th January-ref-224110112- IVF Payments

10th January-ref-223100112- Property Health

9th January-ref-222090112- Clinical Commissioning Group ( Applicant withdrew request )

9th January-ref-221090112- Laundry

9th January-ref-220090112-Data Quality Department

9th January-ref-219090112- Information Governance

9th January-ref-218090112-Intervention

5th January-ref-217050112- Procedure Numbers

5th January-ref-216050112- Pay

3rd January-ref-215030112- GP Numbers ( Applicant withdrew request )

3rd January-ref-214030112- Data Breaches

3rd January-ref-213030112- Redundancies

3rd January-ref-212030112- Cataract Operations

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