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Cancer services at the Trust are delivered through Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) bringing together Consultants, Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and a range of other specialist Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) who look after patients who have or are suspected to have cancer. The MDTs are crucial to reaching the correct treatment.

The Trust has a dedicated cancer unit, working in partnership with other nearby centres to provide a wide range of services for the local population. We receive approximately 17,000 urgent cancer referrals every year. Cancer services are embedded throughout the whole of the organisation as patients are referred to different departments for investigation, diagnosis and treatment.

We care for approximately 3300 new cancer patients every year, ranging from newly diagnosed patients through to patients requiring palliative care and we provide a range of diagnostic services, including Radiology investigations (scans and X rays), Endoscopy (camera tests for  bowel and upper GI cancers) and Pathology (blood tests and review of tissues to confirm or exclude cancers).

We provide surgery for some cancers (breast, colorectal, some gynaecology, skin and kidney).
Chemotherapy and supportive care treatments are provided by our: 

Lilac Centre

Ward 2 A

Satchi Suite 

Radiotherapy is not provided on site as this mode of treatment requires highly specialist facilities. Our patients can see an Oncologist at the Trust and then access radiotherapy through them at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (either Wirral or Aintree site).  

Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

We have a range of clinical trials that are ongoing in the hospitals and we know these are an important option for patients. If there is a trial available for your individual situation, you may be approached by your clinical team to see if you would like to take part.  The trials team fully appreciate that when patients are referred for tests for cancer that they are anxious and we try to ensure they have all the relevant information they need. We are happy to be contacted for advice.

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Senior Team Members
  • Pat keeley, Assistant Director of Operations, Clinical Support Services
  • Mr John McCabe, Lead Clinician, Cancer Services
  • Diane Dearden, Lead Cancer Nurse    
  • Pat Gillis, Cancer Manager 
  • Wendy Ebbrell, Lead Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies (SACT) Nurse
  • Christine Rhall, Lead Acute Oncology Nurse
  • Julie Williams, Cancer Programme Co-ordinator
  • Vicky Bannon, Cancer Data and Performance Manager

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​Whiston and St Helens hospitals

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Contact Us

Burney Breast Unit - 01744-646036/7

Lilac Centre - 01744 646166

Cancer Research Team – 01744 646 581
Macmillan Cancer Support - 01744 64 6985 / 7000 

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Latest Update

Coronavirus Information for cancer patients

Pat Gillis, Cancer Services Manager, has recorded a video message for patients who may be concerned about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

 screenshot with play button.jpg

Our medical teams are working together with all of our cancer partner organisations to keep delivering cancer care as a top priority and our medical teams are doing all that we can to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. 

This means, that we are taking some additional measures to ensure patients' safety and reduce the risk of them catching Coronavirus whilst we continue to care for them.

Our clinical teams are working hard to keeping in contact with patients to ensure that they receive the appropriate support and treatment.

If you are a patient with cancer, you can contact your Clinical Nurse Specialist if you have concerns or questions about your care. This number will have been provided to you when you received your diagnosis.

Please see below for individual cancer services:

There is lots of information on our website about Coronavirus and there is also a Coronavirus helpline for advice and support click here.

Although our Macmillan Information Centre at St. Helens Hospital is open and we are still operating the information and support phone line. It is a very busy time for the centre and you may be asked to leave a message for someone to return your call when available. Please call 01744 646985. 

Useful Links

Macmillan -Preparing for cancer treatment at home

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Patients are eligible for free NHS treatment at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching hospitals NHS Trust if they are: Ordinarily resident in the UK or: Overseas visitors, but entitled to free NHS services under the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

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