Burney Breast Unit (Breast Cancer)
About Us

​​​​​The Burney Breast Unit is located at St Helens Hospital, with inpatients and outpatient services provided at both hospitals.

The breast service is provided by a team of dedicated clinicians and specialist nurses. The team detects and treats over 4000 patients a year.

A variety of services are offered to breast cancer patients these include:

  • Rapid access, non-urgent, follow-up, and clinical trials clinics.
  • Chemotherapy provided onsite within the Lilac Centre, St Helens Hospital
  • Consultant surgeons plus breast specialists provide clinical care
  • Clinical and Medical Oncologist from Clatterbridge twice a week for adjuvant treatment.
  • Expertise primary and secondary breast reconstruction. 
  • Dedicated physiotherapist within the team and access to specially trained nurses to help treat lymphoedema
  • Specialist breast nurses run a prosthetic clinic each week
  • A team of specialist pathologists provide an essential pathology service
  • Consultant radiologists have an important role in screening, diagnosing, and follow-up of patients
  • Cancers are treated promptly and do not have to wait for more than four weeks for treatment.
  • ​Additional services such as dietetics, physiotherapy and medical social services are provided at a local level on request. Rehabilitation services are provided by means of support groups within the area
  • Patients with a family history of breast cancer may be referred to genetic services at the University of Liverpool, and if necessary can also have genetic and psychological counselling
  • Counselling is available at St Helens Hospital site on request.

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Senior Team Members

Senior Clinical Team Members

Miss Leena Chagla – Consultant Surgeon and Lead Clinician Breast Services
Personal Secretary - Christine Halsall, 01744 646700

Miss Tamara Kiernan – Consultant Breast Surgeon
Personal Secretary - Lyndsey Smith, 01744 646689

Mr Atanu Ray - Associate Specialist
Personal Secretary - Dawn Oates/Julie Elliott 01744 646783

Mr. Ramesh Jois – Associate Specialist in Breast and General Surgery
Personal Secretary - Dawn Oates/Julie Elliott 01744 646783

Breast Radiologists

Dr. Olga Harris – Consultant Breast Radiologist
Radiology Enquiries – 0151 430 1309

Breast Pathologists

Dr. David Barker – Consultant Histopathologist

Breast Plastic Surgeons

Mr. Azhar Iqbal – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Mr. O. Koshy – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Mr. Hassan Shaaban – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Miss Rieka Taghizadeh – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Personal Secretaries – 0151 430 1999/1623/1998

Breast Care Nurse Specialist Team Members

Chris Bebb
Louisa Baird
Julie Glynn
Gaynor Power
Voicemail: 01744 646053

Breast Reconstruction Nurse Specialist Team Members

Tina Gallagher
Allison Goulden
Voicemail: 0151 430 2235​

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​St Helens Hospital – Lower Ground Floor, Red Zone

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Contact Us

​Burney Breast Unit - 01744-646036/7
Lilac Centre - 01744 646166
Macmillan Cancer Support - 01744 64 6985 / 7000 

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Latest Update

Patient Information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Breast Team has a huge commitment to the ongoing care of all patients during this difficult time. We are aware that these are worrying times for everyone, but even more so for patients who have been diagnosed or are undergoing treatment for cancer.  Furthermore, we are also conscious of the people who are concerned that they may have Breast Cancer and are waiting for an appointment which may be rearranged or delayed.

Reassurance for Breast Cancer patients currently on treatment or requiring treatment in the future :

Surgeons, Medical Oncologists and Clinical Oncologists have worked together to come up with guidance about treatment at this time. Factors taken into consideration are;

1) Nature and type of your particular cancer

2) Risk and harm of COVID19 during that treatment

3) Risk/Benefit of using alternative treatment strategies

You can be reassured that you will be closely monitored at all times if your treatment regime is changed.

For those cancer patients on follow up, your appointments and investigations may be rearranged to a later date, but please do not think that you have been forgotten.

Symptomatic patients waiting for an appointment:

There are 2 possible reasons why your appointment may be rearranged, cancelled or converted to a telephone consultation.

1) The risk of COVID is a greater risk to you and the clinicians who triage your referral/case are happy that you will come to no harm by waiting.

2) Patients are being seen in order of clinical need. Those requiring urgent treatment/assessment will be seen as a priority.

We do appreciate that you are likely to be anxious at this time.  However, please do not hesitate to contact your Cancer Nurse Specialist directly. Below is a reminder of the contact numbers:

The Cancer Nurse Specialist contact number is 01744 646053.
GPs can contact a breast surgeon 9am -5pm Monday to Friday for advice and guidance on 01744 646700. 

You can find more information on our cancer services web page.

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Patients are eligible for free NHS treatment at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching hospitals NHS Trust if they are: Ordinarily resident in the UK or: Overseas visitors, but entitled to free NHS services under the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

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