Lung Cancer
About Us

The Lung Shadow team offer expert care from a team of dedicated experts.

The Lung team see 20-30 new patients per week, offering a range of investigations and treatments including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care.

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Senior Team Members

Respiratory Consultants:

Dr Julie Hendry, Dr Paul Stockton, Dr Vinay Shanker, Dr Puneet Malhotra, Dr Sudheeram Alapati and Dr Josheed Naveed

Medical Oncology Consultant:

 Dr Ernie Marshall

Clinical Oncology Consultant:

 Dr Anoop Haridass

Palliative Care Consultant:

 Dr Alison Coakley

​Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists:

Pauline Murphy, Joanne Brown, Carol Dawson

​Lung Cancer Support Worker

Julie McElhoney

​Chemotherapy Clinical Nurse Specialist:

Christine Rhall

​Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialists:

Jan Lawton, Robert Case, Julie Howarth, Rebecca Telfer 

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Lung MDT – Wednesday 12.30-13.30, Seminar Room, radiology department, red zone, Whiston Hospital and Thursday 8.30-9.30, seminar room, Medical Directorate, green zone, Whiston Hospital

New patient clinic – Wednesday morning at St Helens Hospital, Cardio-Respiratory Department, red zone.

New and review clinic - Thursday morning, out-patients department, yellow zone.

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Contact Us

Appointments:   0151 430 1234


Dr Julie Hendry and Dr Vinay Shanker:  0151 430 1899

Dr Paul Stockton and Dr Puneet Malhotra:  0151 430 1419

Dr Sudheeram Alapati and Dr Josheed Naveed 0151 290 4131

Nurse Clinicians

Pauline Murphy  0151 430 2326

Joanne Brown  0151 430 1367

Carol Dawson  0151 430 2326

Support Worker

0151 430 1367

Patients under the care of the Lung Shadow Team can phone the Macmillan Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists for advice and support, during normal working hours (9am- 5pm, Mon-Fri) on the above phone numbers.

​If no one is in the office to take your call you can either leave a message on the answer-phone or contact the hospital switchboard (0151 426 1600) to be put through to our mobile phones.

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Latest Update

Patient Information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Lung Cancer Team has a huge commitment to the ongoing care of all patients during this difficult time. We are aware that these are worrying times for everyone, but even more so for patients who have been diagnosed or are undergoing treatment for cancer.  Furthermore, we are also conscious of the people who are concerned that they may have Lung Cancer and are waiting for an appointment which may be rearranged or delayed.

Reassurance for Lung Cancer patients currently on treatment or requiring treatment in the future :

Surgeons, Medical Oncologists and Clinical Oncologists have worked together to come up with guidance about treatment at this time. Factors taken into consideration are;

1) Nature and type of your particular cancer

2) Risk and harm of COVID19 during that treatment

3) Risk/Benefit of using alternative treatment strategies

You can be reassured that you will be closely monitored at all times if your treatment regime is changed.

For those cancer patients on follow up, your appointments and investigations may be rearranged to a later date, but please do not think that you have been forgotten.

Symptomatic patients waiting for an appointment:

There are 2 possible reasons why your appointment may be rearranged, cancelled or converted to a telephone consultation.

1) The risk of COVID is a greater risk to you and the clinicians who triage your referral/case are happy that you will come to no harm by waiting.

2) Patients are being seen in order of clinical need. Those requiring urgent treatment/assessment will be seen as a priority.

We do appreciate that you are likely to be anxious at this time.  However, please do not hesitate to contact your Cancer Nurse Specialist directly. Below is a reminder of the contact numbers:

Monday-Friday 9am- 5pm

Pauline Murphy 0151 430 2326

Joanne Brown 0151 430 1367

Debbie Harper 0151 430 1367

Useful links

You can find more information on our cancer services web page.

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Patients are eligible for free NHS treatment at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching hospitals NHS Trust if they are: Ordinarily resident in the UK or: Overseas visitors, but entitled to free NHS services under the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

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