Falls Prevention
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This department offers help and advice for patients, carers and staff in the prevention of falls. 

What is a fall?

'An untoward event which results in the patient coming to rest unintentionally on the ground or other lower surface.' 
Morris and Issacs, 1980

Accidental Fall: 
A slipping, tripping or other mishap generally related to environmental factors.

Medical falls
Falls that occurs due to a medical condition such as Postural Hypertension or low blood sugar. This may result in the person losing consciousness.

Anticipated physiological fall: 
Falls that occur with patients that are identified as at risk of falling.

Unanticipated physiological fall: 
Attributed to physiological causes but are created by conditions that cannot be predicted before the first occurrence.

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Senior Team Members

Karen Edwardson (Manager)

Dr Steve Allsup (Falls Consultant)

Chris Stanley (Lead Nurse)

Helen Dobrowolska  (Nurse Specialist)

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​Whiston Hospital

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Contact Us

Whiston - Falls Service  0151 426 1600 Ext 2760 Bleep 7201

Allen Day Unit - 01744 646980

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