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​​​​​The Burney Breast Unit is located at St Helens Hospital, with inpatients and outpatient services provided at both hospitals.

The breast service is provided by a team of dedicated clinicians and specialist nurses. The team detects and treats over 4000 patients a year.

A variety of services are offered to breast cancer patients these include:

  • Rapid access, non-urgent, follow-up, and clinical trials clinics.
  • Chemotherapy provided onsite within the Lilac Centre, St Helens Hospital
  • Consultant surgeons plus breast specialists provide clinical care
  • Clinical and Medical Oncologist from Clatterbridge twice a week for adjuvant treatment.
  • Expertise primary and secondary breast reconstruction. 
  • Dedicated physiotherapist within the team and access to specially trained nurses to help treat lymphoedema
  • Specialist breast nurses run a prosthetic clinic each week
  • A team of specialist pathologists provide an essential pathology service
  • Consultant radiologists have an important role in screening, diagnosing, and follow-up of patients
  • Cancers are treated promptly and do not have to wait for more than four weeks for treatment.
  • ​Additional services such as dietetics, physiotherapy and medical social services are provided at a local level on request. Rehabilitation services are provided by means of support groups within the area
  • Patients with a family history of breast cancer may be referred to genetic services at the University of Liverpool, and if necessary can also have genetic and psychological counselling
  • Counselling is available at St Helens Hospital site on request.

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Senior Team Members

Senior Clinical Team Members

Miss Leena Chagla – Consultant Surgeon and Lead Clinician Breast Services
Personal Secretary - Christine Halsall, 01744 646700

Miss Tamara Kiernan – Consultant Breast Surgeon
Personal Secretary - Lyndsey Smith, 01744 646689

Mr Atanu Ray - Associate Specialist
Personal Secretary - Dawn Oates/Julie Elliott 01744 646783

Mr. Ramesh Jois – Associate Specialist in Breast and General Surgery
Personal Secretary - Dawn Oates/Julie Elliott 01744 646783

Breast Radiologists

Dr. Olga Harris – Consultant Breast Radiologist
Radiology Enquiries – 0151 430 1309

Breast Pathologists

Dr. David Barker – Consultant Histopathologist

Breast Plastic Surgeons

Mr. Azhar Iqbal – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Mr. O. Koshy – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Mr. Hassan Shaaban – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Miss Rieka Taghizadeh – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Personal Secretaries – 0151 430 1999/1623/1998

Breast Care Nurse Specialist Team Members

Chris Bebb
Louisa Baird
Julie Glynn
Gaynor Power
Voicemail: 01744 646053

Breast Reconstruction Nurse Specialist Team Members

Tina Gallagher
Allison Goulden
Voicemail: 0151 430 2235​

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​St Helens Hospital – Lower Ground Floor, Red Zone

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Contact Us

​Burney Breast Unit - 01744-646036/7
Lilac Centre - 01744 646166
Macmillan Cancer Support - 01744 64 6985 / 7000 

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Patients are eligible for free NHS treatment at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching hospitals NHS Trust if they are: Ordinarily resident in the UK or: Overseas visitors, but entitled to free NHS services under the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

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