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The Diabetes team prides itself on delivering timely, high quality, evidence-based, patient-focused care.

Over the last decade, the team have strived (and succeeded) to establish a high quality service with engagement and involvement of its users. The Diabetes Centre has an active research programme and has received recognition for its high quality diabetes service.

Telephone help

Patients attending the St Helens Hospital Diabetes Centre are welcome to phone for advice and support. This service is usually available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5pm.

If it is non-urgent, please phone the Diabetes Centre answerphone on 01744 646 266. Typically, a diabetes nurse specialist will return your call within one working day (usually the same day).

For urgent queries, or to change your Diabetes Clinic appointment you can ring the Diabetes Reception on 01744 646244 or 646245.

For emergency advice, please see 'Diabetes Emergencies' below. 


1. If you are unavailable when we phone, we will try up to two more times to contact you. Thereafter, we will leave it to you to phone again if you still wish to speak to someone.

2. If we do not contact you within 1 working day and you still wish to speak to someone, please call again.

Diabetes Emergencies

Healthcare emergencies affecting people with diabetes may be obviously unrelated to diabetes, obviously diabetes-related or possibly diabetes-related. If your problem is obviously unrelated to diabetes, you should contact other relevant services, such as your GP, NHS 111, a Walk-in Centre or the Accident and Emergency Department (AED).

If you suspect your healthcare emergency problem is or may be diabetes-related, then depending on the urgency of the problem, the following are some of the options available to you: 

  • Phone NHS 111 (24 hour service for advice)
  • Phone your GP for a routine appointment, an urgent appointment or home visit
  • Attend an urgent GP out of hours service
  • Attend a Walk-in Centre
  • Attend the Accident and Emergency Department (AED, Casualty)
  • Dialling 999 for Emergency Services (for life threatening emergencies)

If you currently attend Specialist Diabetes Clinic at St Helens Hospital and you feel the emergency may be dealt with by talking to a local diabetes expert, then between 9-5pm, Mon-Fri, you can phone and speak to a diabetes nurse specialist. 

If you currently attend a Specialist Diabetes Clinic at St Helens Hospital and you feel the emergency may be dealt with by bringing forward a pre-arranged outpatient appointment, then between 9-5pm, Mon-Fri, you can speak to the consultant's or nurse's secretary.


  • The specialist diabetes team typically provides daily (Mon –Fri) input to the care of in-patients with diabetes
  • Wards are encouraged to support patients in managing their own diabetes if they wish and are able to do so
  • If there are problems with an individual patient's diabetes then wards are encouraged to contact and refer to the specialist diabetes team on the inpatient mobile service.
  • Written consultant to consultant referrals  should be emailed or faxed to the relevant secretary (numbers below)

Wards are specifically encouraged to seek Specialist Diabetes Team help with the following problems:

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • Diabetic Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar states
  • Severe Hypoglycaemia
  • Repeated episodes of hypoglycaemia
  • Newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes
  • Newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes
  • Need for conversion to insulin
  • Diabetic foot ulcers

Diabetic Clinics

A variety of specialist diabetes clinics are provided by our team:

  • New Patient Clinic
  • Education Clinic (DEAL)
  • Glucose Control Clinic
  • Drop in clinic
  • Foot Ulcer Clinic
  • Diabetic Kidney (Nephropathy) Clinic
  • Young Adults' Clinic
  • Insulin Clinic
  • Dietetic Clinic
  • Joint Antenatal Clinic
  • Home Visits
  • Antenatal Support Clinic
  • Insulin Pump Clinic
  • GLP-1 Clinic


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Senior Team Members

Diane Stafford – Directorate Manager for Diabetes

Professor Kevin Hardy – Medical Director and Clinical Director for Diabetes

Dr Niall Furlong – Consultant Diabetologist/Endocrinologist

Dr Sid McNulty – Consultant Diabetologist/Endocrinologist

Dr Srinivas-Shankar – Consultant Diabetologist/Endocrinologist

Dr Sumudu Bujuwansa - Consultant Diabetologist/Endocrinologist

Jan Cardwell – Diabetes Nurse Consultant

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​Diabetes Centre,  Ground Floor, Orange Zone, St Helens Hospital

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Contact Us

Consultant Advice: the Diabetes consultants can be contacted through their secretaries, who typically know whether they are available to take a call and will connect you.

Professor Kevin Hardy

Dr Sumudu Bujawansa
01744 646497

Dr Srinivas-Shankar

Dr Sid McNulty

Dr Niall Furlong

Jan Cardwell (Nurse Consultant)

Specialist Nurse/Diabetes Dietician Advice
 01744 646266

Diabetes Reception (Including appointment changes) – 01744 646244/646245

Podiatry -0151 290 2000

New Appointments – 0151 430 1532

Diabetes Centre Fax Number – 01744 646491

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Patients are eligible for free NHS treatment at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching hospitals NHS Trust if they are: Ordinarily resident in the UK or: Overseas visitors, but entitled to free NHS services under the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations

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